Simple Time Clock Promo

Simple Time Clock

Perfect as a bedside, desktop, or getting-ready-for-the-day kinda clock.

Simplicity and Low Battery Drain
Simple Time Clock boasts a minimalistic design ensuring your screen clean and clutter-less giving you just what you need, the time. Because of this attention to simplicity paired with using a dark background it enables very little battery usage allowing you to use it for hours by your bedside or desk with very little battery run down.

Device Anti-Sleep Function
Simple Time Clock also features an anti-sleep function for your iPhone/iPad so that the time can stay displayed by you without having constantly to "wake up" your device to display the time.

12 or 24 Hour Display (with seconds)
Switch effortlessly between 12/24 hour time by tapping the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Battery Usage Disclaimer
Please note: Results can vary, due to your iPhone/iPad's  battery health and the programs/notifications/Bluetooth items that may be running in the background. For optimal battery life (and a better sleep) when using it as a bedside Clock (while not connected to power) disable notifications or put on airplane mode.

Support for Simple Time Clock