About Taron Designs

Taron DesignsSince 1999, taron Interactive Designs has been developing successful web experiences. So whether it's a fresh design and functionality for your website, or you're starting from scratch, I can develop solutions according to your needs and budget.

Besides running a successful web design/development company for the last 10 years, I've been...

A motivational speaker for 15 years challenging character in students.

A team leader/builder for 10 years. I love the challenge of working with different personality types and helping them fit effectively together in team situations.

An actor for a number of years (shhh don’t tell anyone that one was playing a socially enept character - that’s just between you and me).

A musician.

Why say all this?

I believe that the different hats and experiences in life often come together to enable us to look at our work (and in my case - design) from unique and different angles. I put a high value on the relational side with my clients which I find in turn also greatly enhances the outcome of the project.

Martin Taron Nish